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1040 mg

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Q: If 125 tablets contain 260 mg of a substance how many grains would 500 tablets contain?
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What would be the maximum number of grains that may contain in an ear?

bout 400

What is neutralization process?

A neutral substance has a pH of 7. If you have an acidic substance and wanted to neutralize it, you would have to add an alkaline substance to it. And example of this would be for indigestion or heartburn, you would take a tablet containing alkaline. This tablet neutralizes the acid in your stomach. These tablets are known as antacids.

Are medicinal tablets soluble?

They have to be or the medicine they contain would not be able to come out of the tablet and into the body. However, some tablets are made to dissolve very slowly, releasing their medicine over a long time.

The nucleus in each cell in the stem of a plant contains 32 chromosomes How many chromosomes are there in the nuclei of its pollen grains?

Pollen grains are produced via meiosis, which halves the chromosome number. Therefore, the pollen grains would contain 16 chromosomes.

What types of food products contain whole grain?

wheat and vitamins

A substance that cannot be separated physically is called?

A substance that cannot be separated physically is called a pure substance. This is because pure substances are made up of only one type of element or compound, and their composition is uniform throughout.

Do gym sets made of plastic contain any harmful chemical substance?

No, an item for consumer use normally won't contain harmful substances; if it did, there would be a label saying it did.

Does gluten free bread contain protein?

This all depends on which brands you would buy. On the most part the answer would be yes. They still contain grain, but not all those grains contain gluten. Normally it contains buckwheat, rice, tapioca starch, potato starch, xantham gum, etc. These are all gluten free, but some people are still allergic to some of these ingredients. I myself cannot have buckwheat so I am required to stay away from some bread. I recommend that you find out exactly which grains that you can eat before you start to buy gluten free bread. The following grains are gluten free: buckwheat rice millet teff quinoa The following grains contain gluten: rye barley wheat spelt oats (usually contaminated with gluten)

What percent and what substance is it that individuals eat that is indigestable?

It would depend on what you eat. Fiber is the part of a carbohydrate that is indigestible. It is found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You would have to reduce your intake of them to avoid eating too much.

How many 427mg tablets would you have to take to take 30 grams?

You would have to take approximately 70 tablets.

How many tablets would you need if a doctor ordered 500 mg of Carafate tablets and you have 1 gram tablets available how many tablets will you give?


Is a muesli a pure substance or a mixture?

Muesli is a mixture. It is made up of a combination of ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, seeds, oats, and grains.