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I would not suggest cutting off your finger. There are many home remedies and over the counter wart removal products you can try as well as visiting your Doctor Who may be able to cut, freeze, laser or burn it off.

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Q: If I have a wart on my finger if I want to get rid of it can I just cut my finger off.?
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Can warts on the finger transfer hiv to another person who has a cut on there finger?

HIV is transferred through bodily fluids such as blood or semen, so no a wart would not transfer HIV regardless if the person has a cut or not. If a person has a cut on their finger and the HIV infected person is bleeding and it gets into the cut, there is a chance of infection but it is a much lower risk than unprotected sex.

How do you cut your finger off?

well the first thing that u want to do is make sure your finger is not breathing or talking. Get a plastic fork place it on your finger and there you go, cut the finger off. But only cut it off when there is no life in your finger.

How do you remove a wart in one day?

cut it out!!

What happens if you cut through your fingernail with a razor?

one this happened to me it hit my finger nail and it made a big crack on my finger nail and just today this happened it cut the tip of my finger nail and and the skin and it bledAnswer:it will cut your finger nail in a big crack in it and it will bleed

Is it ok to put White-out on a wart Will it get rid of the wart?

No! Never put any un-prescriptive things on the wart. This only makes the wart worse. SEVERAL WAYS YOU CAN GET RID OF A WART: Peeing on them, freezing them, beetle-juice, or even getting them cut off. After-wards put duct-tape on the wart, it helps it die alone. Ask your doctor for help to get the wart off. DO NOT CUT THE WART YOURSELF!! This would cause a tumor in the foot or arm.

What happens if you get sperm in a cut?

Nothing seriously, if you want just put alcohol if your scared. lols

If your finger gets cut off do you put it in cold milk?

No! If you cut your finger off, whether it be your whole finger or just the tip, you should not place it in milk or any liquid as it will shrink. Instead, place the finger in an airtight bag and in turn, place the bag on ice. Do not put the finger directly on the ice. Take the finger to the ER with you

How do you treat a cut on the finger tip near the nail?

First clean it the best you can I know it will hurt but you have to clean it so it does not get infected. After that wrap your finger up and protect it from germs with a cloth or over sized band aid. If you cut your finger on something like a car or something with a lot of germs go to the doctor and get it checked out. When your finger is infected it can have to get cut off witch you do not want.

Can you turn a regular silly band into a ring?

UMM well you can take a silly band and rap it around your finger if you want a ring. But if you rap it to tight it could cut of your circulation and you could have to get your finger cut off.

Is a horse shoe a bone?

horses feet our just like our finger nails so it is important to cut them so they don't become uncomfortable just like we do our finger nails

When you cut your finger blood flows out later on the bleeding stop why?

when your finger gets cut and bleeds for 5 minutes or so and then just stops it's because the blood clots. it's not a bad clot just one to stop bleeding. washing the cut and applying pressure also helps.

Can you die from a wart infection on your finger?

NO, unless it is by an artery and you accidentally cut that also, if you do cut off a wart, it will bleed and probably allot, put some paper towels and pressure on it, until it stops bleeding, than rinse in alcohol.... If you mess up and you keep bleeding seek medical attention,.