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It's called Only You by Talizman. Top old skool tune.

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Q: I want your love i want it right now because in my heart theres only you?
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Why is a red heart a symbol of love?

Because heart stands for love

Why do you love this person?

because he or she makes you laugh and smile.... you feel that its right in your heart and not what other people think.

Where can you get essays on give love get love?

you should right that from your own mind because that could make a really good essay if it came from the heart.

Love and all you know about it?

anyone can feel it and it is all right. If you think it's love then it is love. Never let anyone tell you that it isn't love because no one can change what their heart feels.

What if you think that someone is in love with you but you don't love them?

look into your heart and you will find the right answer

Why did the valentine heart got its shape as a heart?

Because your heart beats when you love someone and V day is the day of love

Why might people who are madly in love have difficulty making the right decision?

Because when you love someone u don't listen to the logic that the brain provides but only to your heart.

Is is right to be in love?

OF COURSE IT IS! Even if the girl/boy doesn't like you back you still have every right to be in love. if your heart is telling you to then be in love.

Why does the heart stand for love?

The heart is the symbol for love because when your in love your heart beats faster and like faster.When you really love someone your heart either slows down or speeds up.So get ready for some heart pounding moments.

Why does it hurt when you miss someone you love?

That's actually called love. It means you really wish to see them ❤ I have the same feeling right now because I like someone and whenever I think of him my heart starts to hurt because I love him.

Do love really come from the heart?

No it comes from the brain. Metaphorically speaking it comes from the heart because when people say I love you or talk about love they use the heart as the symbol.

What do you do if you want to love someone but your heart don't?

Usually, when you want to love someone, so does your heart. Its about what the heart wants. Dont go and dive into it just because of the looks, that's probably why your heart doesn't want to love him/her. Its because your heart cares about the personality of that person, not just the looks. If you want to love someone, your heart has to love him/her first. Dont force yourself to love that person if the heart doesn't. It all comes naturally. SO TRUE. WELL IF YOU WANT TO LOVE SOMEONE THEN ITS NOT REALLY TRUE LOVE, LOVE COMES NATURALLY AND IF YOUR TRYING THEN STOP BECAUSE IT JUST WASNT MENT TO BE.