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I think : we should use "ON" I want to congratulate you on...

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Q: I want to congratulate you on or for?
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What to do if your ex's birthday is approaching and you want to congratulate him?

By all means congratulate him.

How do you use congratulate in a sentence?

i always congratulate my friend when she passes her maths test The coaches met at midfield to congratulate each other. I would like to congratulate you for writing this very excellent question. You want me to congratulate WHO? Yes ma'am, I am looking for a nice greeting card here because I want to congratulate my cousin on his splendiferous addition to the family tree.

How do you congratulate a player on Howrse for their birthday?

You can't congratulate them specifically for their birthday, but on their page there is a box with a link you can click to congratulate them. If you want to make it clear that you congratulated them because it was their birthday, PM them and say something like, "Congrats of your birthday!"

When you want to congratulate someone what is the most proper to say it?

Way to go

How do you congratulate a player on howrse if there not your friend?

You can congratulate anyone even if there are not your friend. You just go to their page and click congratulate.

What is the past tense of congratulate?

Congratulated is the past tense of congratulate.

Is congratulate a noun or a verb?

Yes, congratulate is a verb because it is something you can do.

What is the Polish word for congratulations?

Gratulacje. However, if you want to congratulate someone, it would be better to say 'moje gratulacje', meaning simply 'my congratulations'. Anoter form commonly used for expressing congrats is 'gratuluję'. It means [I] congratulate [you].

What is a sentence with the word congratulate?

I would like to congratulate you on your exemplary example sentence.

What part of speech is congratulate?

Congratulations is a noun.

What is the noun for congratulate?

The noun forms of the verb to congratulate are congratulation and the gerund, congratulating.

What to say to new grandparents?

I want to congratulate a business associate on the birth of his new grandson and I am just wondering how to say it?