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Im no docter but i would say that you pinched a nerve or you did something to a nerve in your leg its most likely nothing to worry about

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Q: I rolled my ankle and now it's numb and so is my lower leg?
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What part of the body is the ankle in?

The ankle is the joint formed by the articulation of the lower leg bones with the talus. The ankle connects the foot with the leg.

Is my whole leg supposed to feel numb when you have a mild sprained ankle because i sprained my ankle yesterday and it just started to feel numb?

yes because one of the nerves on your ankle gets pinched and cuts the blood flow to your body leg.

What part of the body is the ankle?

The ankle is the joint between the foot and the lower leg.

What a fracture at ankle involving a lower leg bone is often called a?

A broken leg.

The strongest tendon in the foot ankle or lower leg?

The tendon on the ankle is called the Peroneal tendon.

Is the knee is distal to the ankle?

The toes are distal to the ankle. They are farther away from the origin of the lower leg.

What portion of the lower extremity is found distal to the knee and proximal to the ankle?

The portion of the lower extremity found distal to the knee and proximal to the ankle is the shin or the lower leg. It consists of the tibia bone at the front and the fibula bone at the back.

What fracture occurs at the ankle affects both bones of the lower leg?

pott's frature

Where is your tibia bone located?

The tibia bone, also known as the shinbone, is located in the lower leg. It is the larger and stronger of the two bones in the lower leg that connects the knee to the ankle.

What does leg mean in medical terminology?

In medical and anatomical terms, "leg" refers to the portion of the lower limb between the knee and ankle.

What is an anklewarmer?

An anklewarmer is a small garment, made from wool, which covers the ankle and parts of the lower leg.

Cankle situation means?

From the English "calf" meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and "ankle.