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This a hard ? because im in this same situation i told this guy i like him and he still talks to me and everything but my best advice would be just to be yourself i know this a typical answer but it true open up to him he should accept you for YOU and not anything else just make sure you dont tell him you hate his GF that made things hard for me because that is what i did and now im under survailence by his GF and her friends GOODLUCK!!!!!!

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Q: I really like this guy but he has a girlfriend but she doesn't treat him right and I can tell he likes me this guy is really hot and sweet what can I do to snag his heart?
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Well,if he really likes you then he would have broken up with her by now if he likes you more.You cant always get someone to like you more then someone else doesnt matter how badly you want them to.If he doesnt like you more then his current girlfriend then you dont deserve him.

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What if you really like a guy and he likes you but he has a girlfriend?

You Make Him Choose

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