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Treat her kind. Maybe if she wants to talk about it with you that can often help to let them give you trust.

If she speaks with you, then you will know what not to do with her. But if she doesn't want to bring the subject up, then just be there for her and maybe she will start to have feelings for you because of your kind nature.

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Q: I love a girl she was hurt before by someone else how to make her fall in love with me?
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you can't make someone fall for someone else..

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If the guy and girl have a long distance realitionship and both are commited to not fall for someone else but im my friends case hell probaly fall for someone else

How do you make a girl fall in love with you when she like someone else?

You cant make anyone fall in love with you, that is up to them.

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You might as well go for it before someone else does.

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If a girl loves someone else you might have a hard time getting her to love you. But before you get her to love you, you have to talk to her. You can start a simple conversation with her by asking her a question or giving her a compliment. Ex. Hey have you heard of this band or Hey I like your shirt, it looks cute on you. Then as time goes by you can have longer and more intimate conversations with her. If you spend time with her and connect with her, in time she may fall in love with you and out of love with that someone else.

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see if she loves u back. if she does, you could possibly talk about getting married (after you date). If not, look for someone else. There's probably a girl in love with you that you will love with time.

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