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first of all, dont ask a guy if he likes someone else. that makes him think that your obsessed wit his personal life. second of all, if he doesnt wanna talk 2 u, its ok.

he probably didnt text back cuz he thinks its wierd ur aksing that. and now he probablyy knows u like him. so hes gotta adjust to the change. give him time, and give yourself time. hope that helps

More than likely he likes someone else!

Unless he was busy that day and didnt wanna talk 2 you

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Q: I like this guy but i asked if he liked someone else and he didn't text back?
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How do you get your ex back because i said i liked someone else?

omg this is bad just say i love you and kiss him on the lips and say i didnt really say that i said i love you [liam]

What should you do if yo and your best friend like the same guy and he said he liked you but she asked him out?

Well, she asked him out. What did he say, if he said yes, then I guess he didnt like you all that much. If he said no then its up to you if you want to pursue him, I would just back off. Friends are more important then any guy at this stage.

What do you do if you like someone but they annoy you?

are they trying to annoy you? then they might like you back or htey just like watching you squirm. i had this same situation and i though it was cause she liked me but she didnt, actually the just wanted to push my buttons cause she was a total B ... Witch

What should you do when you really like a guy who liked you back but you didnt know and you hurt his feelings by accident?

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! go tell him your sorry, and fix the relation.

This girl had her friend tell me that she liked me then like 10 minutes later her friend came back and said she didnt like me?

She probably got scared

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What do i do if i like some one but they don't like you back?

tell them it works i really liked someone and then i told them and they said they liked me amd now he is my boyfriend!

What if you really like someone what would you do if he liked you back?

find out about him/her be your self and tell him/her about how u feel

What if the guy knows you like him and he liked you too then he says he wants to take it slow and doesnt know how he feels?

this exact same thing happened to me!well the kid i liked said he liked me back and we were just saying to everyone that we liked each other for a few days then on a Friday night...he asked me out and i said yes.he was going out with my best friend previously but i didnt really care because i really liked him.Then on that monday that just after he told everyone in school that we werent going out and i thought that we were.....then at the end of the day to look at my phone and i text message i didnt get in the morning had shown up saying i brake up with you because i like your best friend again and i didnt know about it until after school....i felt like a loser telling everyone i was going out with him....AND NOW HIM AND MY BEST FRIEND ARE GOING OUT AGAIN!SHE ISNT MY BEST FRIEND ANYMORE.....

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