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I think if this guy really likes you you shouldn't make a move remember your a lady and I say this because you might not be sure if he likes you back and then drop a hint and then look like an idiot. if you get what i mean .

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Q: I like this guy and I think he likes me should I wait for him to make the first move or should I drop hints toward him?
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What do you do when a girl you really like really likes you too?

The thing you should do is to make sure she likes you first. When you are certain that she does, make sure your parents won't interfere. Then, give her hints you like her and after awhile, when you feel both of you are ready, confess your love to her.

How can you tell if your crush likes you or not?

He/she wouldve already hinted that they liked you. Do they look at you Alot? Do they talk to you or try to impress you ? Those are hints you should take if you think your crush likes you.

You like a girl on Facebook but you're not sure if she likes you how should you give her hints without making her feel like you did it purposefully?

First, get to know her very well. Once your sure of the basics, her personality, her music likes, anything that a friend would know, start dropping hints. Tell her her eyes are a beautiful shade of ______ or she's really good at ______. Then gather your courage and ask her out.

What does it mean when you give hints to someone that you like them but the still don't know?

Some people don't get 'hints' you should be more bold. The person probably likes you too. You need to just go for it and say something.

What do you do if you know a girl likes you but you don't know how to attract her?

You should just be yourself she may not like you as much if you change and if she likes you already then you should inform her of your feelings toward her.

What do you do if your love is talkind to you and likes hanning outwith you but doesn't drop any hints?

Hints don't matter. Ask them how they feel.

I really like my best guy friend but im pretty sure he likes another girl should I stop liking him?

dont stop likeing him just because he likes sombody else, if you like him you should try and give him little hints that you like him to see if he likes you

What is Ralphs atittude toward Jack?

he likes Jack at first but then hateshim when Jack becomes savage.

How can you tell if a female friend that has a boyfriend actually likes you or is trying to see if you are good enough for her to get involved with you?

She gives you clear hints about that. If she actually likes you she will give whole lots of hints to you. She will listen to all your thoughts.

What should you do if you're shy of asking a girl out because you don't know what she'll think if you just hang out at her house?

Maybe you could flirt with her a little or give her subtle hints that you like her. If she picks up on what you are doing and she likes you, she'll flirt back or give you hints. Then if you can tell she likes you, you don't have to be afraid of asking her out.

What should an eighth grade boy text a girl he likes to say he likes her without flat out saying it Ie Dropping hints and what they should say?

Say that you like something about her like that she is pretty. That's enough to let a girl know you like her

Have a crush on this guy at school but he likes someone else what should you do?

Give him very small hints and some times just say hey or whats up to him