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Just do it.Give love a chance, and see if it works out. But talk about it with yor friend first and get her opinion on it, and take some of her thoughts into cosideration before you move on to fast.

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Q: I like a boy but so does my friend i think he likes me not her what do i do?
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You like a boy but his friend likes you what do i do?

it depends if the boy you like likes you back.

What do you do if a friend of mine likes a boy you like?

u go up to our friend and figure out who likes him more or ask him which one do he likes more its not much but that's all i can think of

What do you do if you like a boy that likes your friend?

talk to your friend about it honey, if she likes him back off

What do you do if a boy likes you and your friend but doesn't pay much attention to you?

Then, maybe your friend doesn't like the boy that likes you, or is jealous.

What do you do a boy likes you but you like his friend?

Be honest.

What do you do when you like a boy you think he likes you but you don't want to ask him?

really all you do is you go out with your friend and ask her or him to ask him do you like her

If you think a boy likes you and he does not no you know you think he does what do you do tell him or one of his mates about it and see what he does?

If you think that a boy likes you, whether he thinks that you know or not, you really should look inside yourself and see if you like him back. If you do, then tell him you like him and see what happens. If you don't like him like that, be a friend to him, but don't worry if he likes you or not. He will tell you if he does. Deal with it then.

What do you do if you think your friend like the boy that you like and you also think that he likes her also?

you can both like that person at the same time, double the fun for that person haha

What if your friend had a crush on a boy abd know you like him and you think he likes you back?

make the first move and beat your friend to him. what would you rather have a friend or a boyfriend

What do you do if the boy you like only likes you as a friend?


What if the boy you like has a girlfriend and you thinkhe likes you?

talk to him or get a friend to see if he likes you

What do you do when you like a boy and you know that boy likes your best friend and your best friend wont tell you if she like that boy or not?

well find a way to not hurt your best friend but get the boy to like you or tell your friend you like him and see if she cares