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Q: I fell on my foot and now it really hurts to the point that I can't help but limp but it's not swollen or bruised?
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My eyes burn swallowing hurts stuffy nose and swollen tonsils and im twelve what do i do?

they will be badly infected and likely have been infected at some point in the past. They will be red, swollen, very painful when swallowing and have white spots on them. your doctor should advise.

What are they symptoms of a stomach virus My lymph nodes in my throat are swollen and my upper stomach hurts as if I did a million crunches But I did nothing Anyone have any idea what's wrong with me?

If your lymph nodes in your throat are swollen and your upper stomach hurts as if you did a million crunches but you did nothing, these symptoms could point to a condition called Mononucleosis. Mono is caused by a virus and this could be what is wrong with you. However, medical diagnosis is crucial so it is best that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

Im 14 and dnce last year my back started hurting but resently its gotten really bad to the point where it hurts to walk and bend overmy lower back is the worst and everthing hurts what should i do?

Eat healthier and see a chiropractor

What can cause hip pain in a teen?

You could have fallen on it, you could be running on uneven ground, ballet dancers get hip pain since they are always stressing their hip. Mine really hurts to the point it hurts to even walk on it but that's what I know about hip injuries. It really depends where it hurts.

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Yes, you can as fluid will pool at the lowest point on the body - usually the ankles.

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