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It could be a stroke if your face is drooping. You should seek medical attention immediately to rule out a stroke.

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Q: I do not have bell's palsy what else could I have?
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What causes numbness of the chin?

Different conditions can, such as Bells palsy, stroke etc. best to consult a medical practitioner without delay

Can an overdose of heroin cause bells palsi?

No, an overdose of heroin causes death. Bell's Palsy is caused by a herpes virus infection (the same virus that causes chicken pox and shingles).

Difference between bells palsy and trigeminal neuralgia?

Bell's Palsy is caused by a herpes virus and causes temporary partial facial paralysis in one side of the face. Trigeminal neuralgia is, quite literally, pain in the trigeminal nerve or areas affected by the trigeminal nerve. There is very rarely pain with Bell's Palsy (other than if the cornea dries out due to the eye not shutting during sleep), but trigeminal neuralgia does cause severe pain and inflammation to the face. Also, Bell's Palsy only affects one side (it is so rare that both sides would be affected that it can be considered practically impossible), but trigeminal neuralgia could affect both sides of the face. Bell's Palsy can lead to Trigeminal Neuralgia in a very small percentage of patients although this is very rare.

What is difference between facial and bell's palsy?

Facial palsy can be upper and lower motor neuron, while Bell's palsy is typically acute lower motor neuron paralysis, uni or bilateral. Usually idiopathic, but also can be associated with intermittent HSV reactivation. It is usually mononeuropathy compared to facial palsy may be associated with multiple cranial nerve involvement depending upon lesion.

Can bell's palsy be treated after 12 years of happening?

Bell's palsy is a weakening or paralysis of the facial muscles. It can be treated even after 12 years. It can be treated with drugs, therapy, or surgery.

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