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It could be a stroke if your face is drooping. You should seek medical attention immediately to rule out a stroke.

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Q: I do not have bell's palsy what else could I have?
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Did Greta Van Susteren have bells palsy?

She has never had bells palsy

Can bells palsy spread from humans. to dogs?

No. Bells Palsy is not a directly communicable disease. It may be caused by a virus, but the effect is not direct.

What are the different types of palsy that have been identified by doctors?

There are a number of different types of palsy. These include Cerebral Palsy, Bells Palsy, Bulbar Palsy, Erbs Palsy, etc. They all involve some form of paralyis and lesions on motor neurons. The most common or well known forms are Cerebral Palsy and Bells Palsy.

Does Joe Mantegna have glass eye?

No, he has Bell's Palsy...

Can you get social security disability for bells palsy?


Did young jeezy ever have Bells palsy?


What can you do if you shake a persons hand when he has Bells Palsy?

Bell's palsy is not contagious, and no special precautions should be taken.

You have bells palsy and during your recovery you were told to stay away from cereal grain What foods contain cereal grain?

Avoiding Cereal Grain has not been proven to improve bells palsy. However b12 injections or tablets may help improve bells palsy it works on the neurolgical system.

Temporary paralysis of the fifth cranial nerve?

Bells palsy

Can a person with bells palsy smile?

not properly the can smile on one side

Can botox cause bells palsy?

According to the Mayo Clinic, botox is not likely to cause Bells palsy. Some of the known causes of this disease include: cold sores, mononucleoisis, and German measles.

Can bells palsy cause heada ches?

It is unlikely. Bell's Palsy really only affects the trigeminal and/or facial nerves of the face.