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If you still loved someone you wouldn't hurt them by saying you didn't. either way your a fool and I don't think they will ever believe you love them from now on.


Sometimes if a person feels hurt by you or is mad at you they will say things that they do not mean. Many times it is hard to undo the damage and you really have to know that person well in order to figure it out. Actions do speak louder than words. If he/she shows that he/she loves you and does not consistently say that they don't love you, I would give that person a chance to prove himself/herself.

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Q: I didnt mean to say that i dont love you i sware to god that i still love you?
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He doesn't love you anymore?

Nope.. :( i dont know why, i didnt do anything to him.

You broke up with your boyfriend almost two years ago because of a very stupid reason he is convinced that you cheated on him when you didnt you still love him but you dont know what to do?

well, that happened with my boyfriend. He thought I was cheating on him. And he broke up with me. I kept telling him that I didnt cheat on him and I swear on my life that I didnt. And then I had a massive break-down and he ended up believing me. Tell him that you swear you didnt cheat on him and tell him you love him and want him back. If you dont tell him the truth, he will never trust you, belive you.. even worse.. love you. Tell him, sit him down to explain that you want him back.

What do you do when your still in love with your ex?

tell them. and if they dont feel the same then move on. trust me i was dating a guy for 2 years and i still loved him but he didnt feel the same for me. & now i found a better boyfriend that ive been dating now for 2 and a half years. love takes time.

How do you impress a girl who still dont love you?

Drop her.

What do you do if your x-boyfriend is still in love with you but there were things about him you didnt like should you still date him?

No just date the things you like about him.

Is my girlfriend feeling guilty and afraid i dont love her after our fight?

probably not. unless during the fight you told her u didnt love her lol. that never helps

Your ex still loves you but how do you know you still love him?

you think you can forgive him or you belive you still have a chance. however if you dont feel anything for him tell him you dont and he will move on.

With current bf getting married but dont love him still im love with your ex who is your friend not sure if you should marry him?

dont marry him if you dont love him. you would just be leading him on, nothing can good can come out of this whatsoever!

What does it mean when your boyfriend ask if you still love him?

He may be worried you dont like him anymore or asking if you still do

How do you tell your best friend who love you that you dont love him and still be friends?

you just say look I'm not interested in you but would still like to be friends

What do you do when your ex is showing all the signs that they still love you but they have a new girlfriend or boyfriend?

well if they really love you they will most likely break up with there boyfriend or girlfriend but if they dont they dont really love you!

Do lil wanye still have love for toya?

Nah i dont think so.