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dapat kung hiwalay na kayo nang inyong asawa di na kayo pwedeng mag-asawa pa ulit according yan sa biblical law bahala kayong mag tiis dahil kayo ay sumumpa sa isa't isa na hanggang kamataya pa kaya bawal...

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Q: I am married but still have slight feelings for your ex-husband?
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You were married 17 years to your exhusband and you remarried for 3 months and divorced him will you still be elgible for his retirement since you divorced the 2nd time?


Married but does he have feelings for you?

If you are married and believe that your husband does not have feelings for you, it might be a good idea to talk to him about how you feel. You could also ask him if he still loves you.

What are your rights for collecting ssa benefits on a ex-husband?

If you had been married to your husband more than 20 years, you should still be able to receive SSI benefits from your exhusband. Check with

Your deceased exhusband never paid child support can you get it from his social security?

Only if the child is still under 18.

If my exhusband dies owing me 20000 in back child support Can i still get that back support?

You can attach the estates of him and his parents

When is best to text your ex boyfriend and what should you put if you still have feelings for him?

If you have feelings for him, talk to his mom. If you must text him, tell him that you're thinking of getting married, and what does he think.

Why do you dream about your ex all the time and think about him and hope you will se him but you are married and you love your husband?

As bad as that is you might still have feelings for your ex. The right thing to do is to go things over with yourself and see if you love your husband or if you still have feelings for the ex. If you really believe you still have feelings for your ex you should confront your husband about it, its only fair to him.

If your ex and mother of your child is married to another man and tells you she still has feelings for you what are you supposed to do if you still love her?

tell her to leave her current husband and come back to you, then you can belive her.

Married woman out there if you had an ex boyfriend that you truly loved and still have feelings for come back into you life what would you do?

GIVE HIM A CHANCE! It could be worth it!

What do you do when you are married but still have feelings for your ex and they have the same feelings for you?

You actually can't do anything now because you are already married to someone else and it's really not fair to your life partner.Just think that if your husband or wife did that to you how would you like it.So forget about your ex if i were you! or you can try and talk to your life partner and your ex and see what happens there...

What should you do when your ex-boyfriend who has been married for 9 months emails you out of the blue and tells you he is still in love with you and you think you may still have feelings for him?

Cut it off! He is married. If he really has feelings for you he will get divorced and come back to you. But even then ge left you and got married to someone else. Ultimately the decision is yours.

Should a guy still have feelings for you after breaking up with you?

Usually guys still do have feelings after they break up with you.