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I don't think so

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Q: I am in love with a married woman and have proposed but feel it is a relationship from last generation can I trust this feeling?
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What is a sim's 2 spouse?

Whomever the sim is married to. To get married, you have to have a high romantic relationship with the sim, then you can say "propose, get engaged" then, "proposed, get married".

How do you get proposed in sims freeplay?

When you are at partner it should say proposed married

What are the disadvantages of live in relationship?

It wouldn't be fun when you guys get married because you already know the feeling of living together, and it wouldn't be new.

How do you get married on sims 2 xbox?

In the Sims 2 in order to have your Sims married they must have a high relationship level. To increase this have them do romantic actions over and over until the action for propose appears. Once proposed another action for getting married will appear and you can have them get married.

What do you do if your married and your spouse has feeling for someone else?

Sadly, it depends on whether your spouse will agree to stop the other relationship immediately and work on the relationship with you. If not, or if you believe you cannot forgive the error, then your marriage is over.

How infatuation become love?

ANSWER:Yes definitely in a relationship or even on affairs, married man or married woman will have this feelings of infatuation towards the other person, even if their relationship are only friends. The feeling of lust or infatuation are what they feel towards the other person.

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No they are not. They are always paired together because they are the leaders of their respective groups, Girls' Generation and Super Junior, respectively.

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not yet. i havent proposed yet.

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You have to wait until their married and have eggs. That is how you get a 2nd generation.

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Charlotte was never married to Henson... He procrastinated for years, and by the time he proposed, on her 24th birthday in 2010, the relationship had run its course... The answer to the question of when Charlotte started to date Henson is shortlly after her 19th birthday, in 2005...

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