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Yeah, that's kinda normal. :) You may be getting a little bit sexually aroused/excited - not enough to make you wet or get your clitoris stiff or anything, but enough to make it tingle down there. You feel that slight tingling feeling as the urge to pee.

Many girls (and boys) also feel the need to pee after masturbating or having sex, partly because of the leftover tingling feeling like the tingly urge to pee, and partly because pee (especially in boys, but somewhat in girls) helps wash away fluids and clean the reproductive tract.

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Q: I am a girl and every time I talk about sex or read about erections I need to pee is that normal?
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How many times does a girl need to take a shower?

Ummm, every day? Like a normal human....

Do boys get erections when they see girls fighting?

not unless they are naked. not normal what so ever. if happens you need to seek medical attention.

How do men get erections?

Erections assist with sexual reproduction, to aid penetration.

How do you be the guy every girl wants?

Well, every girl is different. You need to get to know her better and find out yourself.

How do you keep from getting an erection?

I'm sure there are surgical procedures. However, I don't see why you wouldn't want to have a erection. One way is not to have sex and/or sexual enjoyment! It is possible to use female hormones and/or androgen blockers to stop erections. For transsexual women, erections are annoying and remind them of the unwanted parts, so usually the loss of erections from the hormones is welcomed. Then after surgery, the only erections they could have would be from the clitoris. There are transgendered persons who are not transsexuals, and they may take hormones for recreational reasons and hate losing their male sexual abilities. In that case, adding certain progestins or getting plastic surgery instead of taking hormones might be alternatives for them.

Is it normal for a 20 years old girl to have an inverted nipple and extreme breast pain?

No, it is not normal - you need to visit your doctor.

Is it normal to have a bowel movement every time you urinate?

If you need too!

Can 8 year old get Erections and how and you tell?

Yes, boys can get erections at any age and have been known to get them while still in the womb. It is completely normal and natural. As far as telling when or if it has happened, you really cant. And, honestly, I can't think of any reason you would need to. But, it is safe to assume an 8 year old has had a few. He probably wouldn't even notice it, and if he does notice he would not understand it. It is not until puberty that erections start to mean something to them when masturbation begins.

Does every girl get there period?

Yes every girl has 2. If there over 17 and still don't have it then they need to see a doctor. It's part of life, sweetie .

Is weighing 110lbs normal for a 14 year old girl?

No, you need to gain some weight.

Being a girl is it normal to feel the need to poop during sexual intercourse?

I don't see why you have an answer.

Do male men get erections before needing to urinate?

Not in standard urination. However, after erections, men often need to urinate, this is a biological function designed to "keep the pipes clean" and free of organic materials.