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Yeah, that's kinda normal. :) You may be getting a little bit sexually aroused/excited - not enough to make you wet or get your clitoris stiff or anything, but enough to make it tingle down there. You feel that slight tingling feeling as the urge to pee.

Many girls (and boys) also feel the need to pee after masturbating or having sex, partly because of the leftover tingling feeling like the tingly urge to pee, and partly because pee (especially in boys, but somewhat in girls) helps wash away fluids and clean the reproductive tract.

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Q: I am a girl and every time I talk about sex or read about erections I need to pee is that normal?
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It depends. If you are just starting puberty it is completely normal to get erections out of the blue. It is also completely normal to get erections if you are attracted to someone. If you are almost done with puberty, you should consult with your doctor and he will refer you to a urologist. Well if you feel a "semi" coming on when you see a hot girl or are dancing with one, you just need to think about something else. You need to forget about the girl and think of something boring. Then it will go away.

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Being a girl is it normal to feel the need to poop during sexual intercourse?

I don't see why you have an answer.

Can 8 year old get Erections and how and you tell?

Yes, boys can get erections at any age and have been known to get them while still in the womb. It is completely normal and natural. As far as telling when or if it has happened, you really cant. And, honestly, I can't think of any reason you would need to. But, it is safe to assume an 8 year old has had a few. He probably wouldn't even notice it, and if he does notice he would not understand it. It is not until puberty that erections start to mean something to them when masturbation begins.

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