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If you really love her that's isn't the problem.

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Q: I am 33 years older than my girlfriend?
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Can you get in a lot of trouble if you date a guy that's four years older than you?

It depends on whether you are 13 or 33

What is ten years older than Theresa's age is 23?

If Theresa's age is 23 and you add on another 10, the answer is 33.

33 years or 3 decades?

33 years is greater than 3 decades which is equal to 30 years

Is Jason earles really 44?

Noooooooooooo! He is older than he looks, he is 33 this year

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What is Leo's age if Leo is twice older than martin and three times older than mike the sum of their ages is 33?

Leo must be 18. If Leo is twice as old as martin and three times older than mike and the sum of the ages is 33, then martin would be 9 and mike would be 6, making Leo 18.

How old was Adolf Hitler's girlfriend?

Adolf's wife, Eva Braun, was 33 years old when she died.

How much older was hitlers wife than him?

Eva Braun, who Adolf Hitler married just the day before they died, was 33 years old when she died. (born February 6, 1912) Hitler was much older (56 years old). Both committed suicide on April 30, 1945 as the Russian Army was pushing into Berlin. She bit into a cyanide capsule and Hitler shot himself.

Is 33 years greater than 3 decades?


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As of 2012, Andrew Lee Potts is 33 years old (October 29, 1979). His girlfriend /partner, Hannah, is 31 years old.

How many years is Hinduism compared to Jesus?

The two are not comparable. Hinduism is a religion that is at least 3500 years old if not older. Jesus was a human being who lived for 33 years according to the New Testament.

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At the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring Frodo is 33 years old, which is the "coming of age" age for Hobbits. So he would seem older in our eyes than to another Hobbit. Nevertheless he is an adult.