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theres nothing you can do, you have to chop your leg off

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Q: I always get this feeling in sort of my hip way at the top of my leg that it feels like it needs to pop but it never will and if it doesnt pop and i do gymnastics i hurt my muscle. how can it go away?
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Does gymnastics require the deltiod muscle?


Which sport requires more muscle and strength volleyball or gymnastics and why?

gymnastics cuz i said so!!

Does a gymnastics workout help you lose weight?

Yes, gymnastics is about flexibility and muscle.. ergo, when u build muscle (flexibility does so) u burn fat.

What main muscle groups used in gymnastics?


What muscle doesn't get used?

What muscle doesnt get used?

How is muscle strength releaed to gymnastics?

Upper body Strength is extremely important in gymnastics. Its the concept that you have to push yourself up.

What are things in gymnastics that begin with the letter q?

The muscle in the thigh is called a quadriceps. It takes strong quadriceps to participate in gymnastics.

How do you be a good gymnast?

You should first make sure you are doing gymnastics at a reputable gymnastics facility. Then you should listen to your coaches. They know what they are talking about. Always point your toes, have good form, keep your chin up, when performing skills you should tighten up every muscle in your body, you should exercise and build lean muscle, and have a good attitude.

How long would you be out from gymnastics if you ripped a muscle?

i tore my meniscus in my knee, and i was out for 2.5 months.

What sport uses every muscle including the brain?

i do gymnastics and u MUST use every muscle in ur body. hope this helps! :)

What does gymnastic mean?

Gymnastics mean a sport the takes balance,listening skills,talent, and hard work. Gymnastics is good for everyone to do. It helps with you MUSCLE,FLEXIBILITY, AND MANY OTHER THINGS. Gymnastics is good for boys and girls.

Can bigger girls do gymnastics?

depends on how much muscle you have... practice handstands against a wall to test if you can hold your own weight, then get better from there. Gymnastics is all about strength and coordination.