I very happy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I very happy

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Q: I very happy
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How can you change into past tense you be very happy?

"You were very happy."

What are the synonyms for very happy?

very happy

How happy is China?

Very Happy.

What is the past of this sentence you are very happy today?

You were very happy yesterday

How do you change this sentence to past tense I am very happy with you?

Depends on if you know me or not. Am I a happy person?

What is prefix for happy?

very happy

Was Michael Jackson happy with plastic surgery?

yes he was very very happy.

What is he in French?

il = singular (he is very happy) ils = plural (They are very happy)

When was We Are Very Happy You Came created?

We Are Very Happy You Came was created in 1993.

How happy is 9 percent happy?

not very

What is the proper punctuation for the sentence How very happy he looks?

It should be --- How very happy he looks?

Dan is very happy What are the parts of speech?

Dan - proper noun is - verb very - adverb happy - adjective