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There is quite a few things you could do, if i were yu i would put shaving cream or a very pungeant(very powerful odored) substance on it. I f i were you i would put shaving cream, toothpaste or you can call someone in to clean it. you might want to even brab some soap and water and scrub really hard and then the smell should eventually disipate.

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Q: I've spilled about 14 ounces of 70 percent rubbing alcohol on my bedroom carpet. My whole home smells like isopropyl alcohol. I diluted it with water and tried to dry it up. What else should I do?
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What is the percent of isopropyl alcohol in iso heet?

iso HEET is 99% isopropyl alcohol

Is 70 percent isopropyl alcohol a mixture?

Yes, it is.

What is a 60 percent isopropyl alcohol?

A 60% isopropyl alcohol solution contains 60% isopropyl alcohol and 40% water. It is commonly used as a disinfectant for wounds, surfaces, or equipment due to its antibacterial properties. It is important to follow proper guidelines for usage and application to ensure effectiveness.

What is the percent of isopropyl alcohol in iso-heet?

Iso-Heet typically contains around 99% isopropyl alcohol, with the remaining 1% comprising of additives and stabilizers.

How do you convert 99 percent Isopropyl alcohol to 91 percent?

add water

Is 70 percent Isopropyl rubbing alcohol a heterogeneous?

No, 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol is a homogeneous mixture because it is a uniform solution of isopropyl alcohol with water. It has the same composition throughout and its components are evenly distributed.

Is 90 percent isopropyl and grain alcohol the same thing?

No, 90% isopropyl alcohol and grain alcohol are not the same. Isopropyl alcohol is a type of alcohol used for cleaning and disinfecting, while grain alcohol is a type of alcohol often used for consumption purposes in beverages. They have different uses and properties.

How do you convert 91 percent isopropyl alcohol to 99 percent?

by using fractional distillation

What does 70 percent Isopropyl Alcohol Weigh?

The weight will depend on how much of the substance there is.

Why is 70 percent isopropyl alcohol more expansive than 40 percent isopropyl alcohol?

It is difficult and expensive to refine anything to 100% purity. Best to use 70% as it is just as effective and cost a whole lot less.

Is there oil in 91 percent Isopropyl alcohol?

No, Isopropyl alcohol does not contain oil. It is a type of alcohol that is typically used as a solvent or cleaning agent due to its ability to dissolve substances like oils, so it is oil-free.

What is the smell of isopropyl alcohol 70 percent?

Isopropyl alcohol has a rather strong alcohol smell. If you were to smell regular alcohol and smell 70% Isopropyl alcohol you would have the same smell. However, there is no general way to explain it other than a strong bitter and sometimes sweet smell. It depends on solely your olfactory membranes. Smell's are after all different to everyone.