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You should go and see a doctor first. These days a lot can be done to help people in your situation.

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Q: I'm impotent should my wife seek sex elsewhere?
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Why was Abraham Lincoln impotent?

Not very likely, since he and his wife had four children.

If your wife do not want to fellation what should you do?

You should seek for another one for that becauseshe might have concluded it as absurd.

Ex wife will not let you speak to your childwhat should you do?

seek legal advice immediately

Can a current wife sue an ex-wife for spreading lies and threatening to have current wife arrested for embezzeling money from her when current wife is totally innocent?

The current wife does have remedies at law. She should seek the advice of an attorney to discuss the options.

If i am separated from my wife but not legally is she entitled to anything?

If you are not legally separated or divorced, your wife will still be entitled to anything you own. You should seek a lawyer for specific legal advice.

Is a man cheating his wife if he is having a telepathic sex with another woman?

if he feels atracted to that other person then yes he is cheating for this is not fair on his wife however if he doesn't know why he is thinking of this other woman he should seek help eather way he should talk to his wife about it

Why is it when a wife wants to end the marriage that's when her husband start changing?

He doesn't want to lose her. They should seek marriage counselling.

How do you get your wife out of the house?

You cannot expel your wife. But if you are having difficult time in your marriage, you should both come to an agreement. Or seek counselling. Counsellor in your area: Dr. Knight at 727.483.9599 Clearwater, Florida

Why was the wife commanded to leave her home?

The wife was commanded to leave her home because it was unsafe for her to stay due to circumstances such as abuse, violence, or other threats to her well-being. It may have been necessary for her to leave in order to protect herself and seek safety elsewhere.

Can the wife of the man who impregnated you seek a paternity tests to determine if the child is her husbands?

No, she has no standing in the matter, however he should as 30% of the tests come out negative.

What was the motivates for toms wife to seek the devil?

Literary category.

Wife leaves for infedelity takes kids youngest catches mother with new lover and wife tells husband to come get youngest now and then keeps daughter from husbandwhat should father do?

The father should seek a lawyer for legal information on how to handle custody of children.