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Many different ways lovey. The hairbrush is one of my partner's fav implements.

it hurts alot. ur parents use the hairbrush instead of the hand so their hand doest sting and it hurts more

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Q: How you got a hairbrush spanking?
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Did her sister Mary ever get a spanking?

Yes, she got a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush from their mother.

Can you give yourself a spanking?

I have tried self spanking with my hand a hairbrush random things in my room that I hope will hurt and they do but it's not the same and getting a spanking from someone else, you don't get that stinging feeling and the pain goes away much faster so self spanking can be good if you just want to do "minor damage" but if you really want a spanking i suggest you get one from someone other than yourself. ;)

What does a hairbrush spanking fell like?

I can not describe accurately, but it hurt very much!just like a bum on fire :D

What is an otk spanking?

it stands for "Over the Knee" it happens to be my most delivered position my parents spank me, mostly with a hand or hairbrush. i love to exchange spanking stories, my MSN email address is i would be very appy to hear a reply! thanx!

Do you wear nylon panties when getting a spanking?

Yes i do. As a child mom would pull up my dress or lower my pants for a spanking. Mom would spank me over my nylon panties with her hairbrush. Even when i have been spanked as an adult i still get spankings over nylon panties.

What was the worst spanking you ever got?

well, i was beaten with a belt until i got seriously bruised. if you did this today it would be illegal.

Give you a sentence for hairbrush?

I use a hairbrush to brush my hair

How do you make a sentence for hairbrush?

I use a hairbrush to keep my hair neat and untangled.

What does takes a hairbrush to you?

It means to paddle your bottom with the hard back of a hairbrush.

What is the possessive form for hairbrush for Leanne?

The possessive form is Leanne's hairbrush.

What does taking a hairbrush to you mean?

It means to paddle your bottom with the hard back of a hairbrush.

What is a measured spanking?