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The woman's breasts , when massaged regularly by a hard male hand , gets juicy and rounded booobs .The nipples need a good pinch and pull for a taut errection .

The Indian barber can do this and much more ..he even balds the pubic area of the female to give it a beautiful appearance .

Women in many house holds , young and old , follow this routine to get their body in tip top shape , with a good cleavage and clean area

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It is most easy to get your breasts massaging from your male barber.When male barber shaves your armpits,then pointed your figers toward breasts and tell him now give me massage here.He will then massage your breasts very hard by pullin,twisting your breasts and will also miked your breasts.Although you will feel much pain in your breasts but you will enjoyed very much and you will desire that male barber massage your breasts more & more in order to ive you more and more satisfaction Your breasts will become most red and swelled and also become most errected and stiffed -ROOP KUMARI

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Q: How you ask your male barber to massage and milk your breasts?
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How you ask your male barber to milk my breasts The Main Reason my one month old baby is not sucking my milk my breasts become swelled hence i want to get milked my breasts from male barber?

Call khiroddas male barber from moon market near your house.He is most expert in ladies breasts milking.When he come todo your service. He will remove your blouse and will unhooked your bra.he will do your hair cutting, facial shaving,armpits shaving. breasts shaving , navel shaving. hence on completing your all privacy shavng, he will massage your breasts very hard to made your breasts most errected and stiffed. hence on completing your breasts massaging, then pointed your fingers on breasts,ask him to please pumping here.he will understand and he will fixed breasts pump over your breasts and plug it in power to pump your breasts very well and will draw out all milk from your breas and you will be relazed completely. Khursgidbai ,

How can you make your breasts big?

massage with olive oil or massage with milk with aswagandha -a ayurvedic tip.

Can a man's breast produce milk?

Yes. Male breasts have milk ducts.

Why ladies like to get shaved their breasts from male barbers in the barbershops when they go there for getting their haircutting from male barbers?

I am a 38 years old Indian housewife of a bank officer having two sons and three daughters.and I got my long hair cut soon after marriage 17 years ago after three children on the wish of my husband.since then I am getting my haircutting everymonth in the local barbershops regularly in stead of calling male barber at home because I have also get my breasts shaving,breasts massaging & undershaving from the male barber but there is no powder room or dressing room in my small house to get such service in secret way and I don't want to get such service from male barber at home in front of my children and husband Hence I like to get this service in the barber shop because it is one of the best secret place to get my private service there in the barbershop without any interruption and disturbance.Whenever I go to barbershop to get my hair cutting, I al;so get my breasts massaging and undershaving from the male barber and he does my this service soon after completing my hair cutting.During hair cutting, he removes my blouse and then unhooks my bra and then do my hair cutting by seating me in the barber chair by exposing my big breasts.I don't feel shame to sit in the barberchair in this way by exposing my breasts to male barbers during my haircutting because there is no purdah from male barber.The male barber then does my armpits and breast shaving followed by navel shaving and pubic shaving. after this, he massages my breasts very hard and also elongated and twisted my breasts for 15 to 20 minutes till my breasts become well swelled and errected. At this position,the male barber draw milk from my breastsDuring my breasts massaging,I feel much pain in my breasts but I enjoying very much on such hard breasts massaging and breasts massiging.CHAMPABAI Lucknow.

Why male barber elongate and twisting ladies breasts during doing the breasts massaging of the ladies in barbershops?

It is an era of modern time and fashion and almost all ladiest and gents are fond of adopting new fashio and specially all 95 % ladies keep keen desire to get their haircutting in latest style.and beautifying their face and breasts most beautiful hence when they go to barbershops for getting their haircutting,facial make up,privacy undershaving ,they also get their breasts in order to made them large and stiffed and to avoid the diseases of breasts cancer hence after completing hair cutting and undershaving, the male barbers also do the breasts massaging and full body nude massaging of the ladies in the barbershops on the desire of ladies clients hence male barbers massage their breasts very hard .the male barbers also elongating and twisting ladies breasts for the purpose of breaking the dead tissues inside breasts for activating the circulation of blood very well .the male barbers also deraw the milk from the breasts so that ladies should not suffered the diseases of breasts cancer ( which main reason is existing of dried lumps of the milk inside ladies breasts which causing the development of diseases of breasts cancer) it is necessary for all ladies to get breasts massaging by attending barbershops at least once in a week or trice in a month to safe themselves from the diseases of breasts cancer . where male barber will elongatye and twisting their breasts very hard for 20 minutes to made your breasts most big and beautiful by making to errect and upliftyed very well and your breasts will become most beautiful and lovely.(bootamasih) .

Why ladies like to get milked their breasts from male barbers in the barbershops when they go there for getting their hair cutting from the male barbers?

IT IS BECAUSE OF THE FOLLOWING REASONS 1)- Most ladies ( who are feeding their small children ) are always facing the problems that their children are not sucking their breasts very left which resulted of leaving of a little qty of milk inside their breasts and so it is most necessary for them to get milked their breasts from any milkman .male masseurs, or male barbers because if it is not get milked in a week, then they will feel much pain in their breasts.besides this this milk will be dried inside breasts in the form of dried milk and such dried lumps will be converted in dimples/sores inside breasts and the disease of breasts cancer will be developed .ladies can not draw their milk them selves either by pressing their breasts or by using breasts pumps etc 2)- similarly others ladies (Who have no any children ) are also facing such problems of feeling pain inside their big breasts because of not getting their regular breasts massaging at leasts once in a week from the massaging parlours 3)- hence it is because of the abovementioned reasons that when they go to barber shops for getting their hair cutting,shampooing,.colouring, facial shaving, make up, undershaving etc, they also get their breasts milked from the male barbers because male barbers are fully awared that how to milked the ladies breasts.Only strong and warm hands are needed to milk the ladies breasts and ladies are also enjoying very much and become fully relaxed there.. 4)-it can also served many nos of others purposes ie (a)- breasts massaging is also done (2)- The breasts shaving is also done .(3)- ladies become completely safed from the breasts cancer (4)- on getting regular massaging of their breasts , the breasts are become most big , stiffed and well errected and also become most . beautiful 5)- Most of the indianh,bengali,nepali ,irani,afghani ladies are getting their breasts massaging and milking from the male barbers and masseurs and they are not feeling any shame by sitting in nuded position before male barbers for getting their are beauty services from the male barbers. (6)- hence it is recommended for all ladies to get milked their breasts from the male barbers when they go there in the barbershops for getting their hair cutting.

If men take fenugreek what does it do?

am 41 and male, i need to know how to make breasts milk i got men boobs am a 40c bra, if i take fenugreek will that help my boobs to grow, and i need to know what i can take asweel to make breasts milk and get my boobs firm

Does drinking milk give you bigger breasts?

No it does not. But making milk yourself (lactation) does make your breasts bigger.

Distinguish between the breasts and the mammary glands?

The breasts are the upper part of the chest. The mammary glands give milk. Chickens have breasts and they don't give milk. Many sea mammals have nipples to give milk, but, they don't have breasts.

Will milk leak while the man is fonding her breasts after pregnancy?

Yes there are chances of milk leaking when the breasts are fondled.

How many months pregnant are you before you get milk in your breasts?

When you're pregnant, the milk isn't in your breasts yet. It's not until after you actually give birth that you get milk in your breasts. It follows colostrom, which is a natural antibiotic.

Easy ways to make your breasts grow?

Some easy ways to make your breasts grow would be eating, exercizing, and massaging. chicken, weat bread, penuts, milk, soy milk, veggies, and fruits, coconut. sit ups and push ups work well for exercize. light massage with lotion also works well