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Strong and Healthy

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Q: How would you describe your body type and composition?
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The measure of the percentage of fat in the relation to total body weight and type?

Body Composition

What type of anthropometric data should be assessed during a nutrition consultation?

body composition

What are the three major parts of composition?

the Composition have three type of the there called Solids,Water and air .

Where is a coronary?

Coronary is not a type of body part. It is used to describe items in the body that are 'related to the heart.'

Words that describe the body type of a young girl?

very small and adorable!

What type of body covering does a goldfish have?

The goldfish has a body covering of scales. All fish have scales (even skarks), though their shape and composition vary.

How do you define cardiorespiratory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance and physical activity?

Muscular composition and body type

What is blood type exactly?

Blood type is the composition of your blood. Every blood type is different. In order for your body to accept blood in a transfusion, you must receive the blood that is compatible with you.

Describe the antibody antigen interactions that would occur if an Rh- perosn with type B blood received blood from an Rh person with type AB blood?

The recipient's antibodies would attack the A and Rh antigens. The body would not benefit at all from the transfusion.

Find on a map an example of a body of land that is smaller than a continent and that is completely surrounded by water What term is used to describe this type of land?

The term used to describe such a piece of land is called an 'Island' and an example would be the Island of Hawaii.

What is the difference between composition and essay writing?

Essay is a type of composition....

What type of essay would you write to describe your 13th birthday?