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a person that is healthy takes care of theirself

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Q: How would you describe a physically fit individual?
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Describe a mentally and physically healthy individual?

it's the same question but mentally stimulated & physically fit is my description

Describe people who are physical fit?

lower risk of disease

Is Dougie Poynter fit?

By looking at it he is a very physically fit individual. He must be a keen sports practitioner.

How the are of health costs would be affected if everybody were physically fit?

well if everybody were physically fit nobody would actually have to worry about health costs.

Why do the astronauts have to be mentally and physically fit?

If they werent mentally fit, they would have a breakdown, and if they arent physically fit, they couldn't do their work in 0 Gravity. Please Reccomend.

What are the good of a healthy individuaL?

There are many great qualities of a healthy individual. Healthy individuals are physically fit, have regular heart beats, and are happy.

Why is physical education important in becoming a pilot?

it is important not only u to become a pilot but as a human being..we need to be physically fit so that we will be able to do our task an individual we should know the principles in physical education,understanding the importance of physical education so that its realy interesting to idulge in physical activities..coz we know the benefits from it.a physically fit person means a man with vigor and in this way you be a very active and dynamic pilot in your field of specialization because you are physically fit,mentally fit and socially fit individual.

Are American children and youth physically fit?

I would sa maybe 3 of 10 childre is phsically fit todat.

Will a gen 3 hemi fit in a 2003 dodge ram 1500?

It would physically fit, but you would need the proper computers, sensors, transmission, etc.

Where would an escaped anole go?

Anywhere it could physically fit ! It would instinctively find a hole of crevice that it could fit into - so that it feels safe.

How many people arent physically fit?

81% of all high schoolers are not physically fit.~1stDestroyer

Will a trans from a 1991 olds cutlass 3.1l fit in your 1994 olds achieva 3.1l?

i think it would fit but the '94 is updated with electronics so the '91 would physically fit but would not operate properly.