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You cant, its a double edged sword.

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Q: How will the locals improve their lives and environment without jeopardizing their main alternative source of livelihood?
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What is livelihood program?

Usually a livelihood program is working with underdeveloped countries to improve their ability to make money and improve their standard of living. It is usually done in conjunction with some sort of established program.

What are the advantages of alternative assessment?

An alternative assessment allows you to get a second opinion on how you can improve. A alternative assessment will allow you to improve who you are or the work you've done without any bias.

How different organization are working to improve the environment?

How different Organization are working to improve the environment?

How can genetics help improve livelihood?

ewan MAGARAL ka kaya ndi ung umaasa kna lng sa GOOGLE

Ways in which your town environment can improve?

guidelines regarding improvement of overall environment in the towns

How did former slaves improve their lives?

Former slaves improved their lives by engaging in farming activities. Most of them started share-cropping which was a source of livelihood.

What is the best alternative energy?

There are many alternative energy sources, and all have downsides. Nuclear produces huge amounts of waste. Solar and wind are inconsistent and expensive to store. Hydroelectric damages habitats with the ponds it creates, and geothermal can only produce a limited amount of energy in specific conditions. Until we put the money to improve alternative energy, the best way to help the environment is conservation.

What is the impact of Internal Business Environment?

The internal business environment can lead to increased productivity or it can be detrimental. Managers must improve the culture in order to improve production.

How can you improve the environment by using less energy?


What is the meaning of technology livelihood education?

You can learn here to improve our lives and empower our participation in the livelihood projects in our communities. It also discussed to emphasis more practical aspects and simplification of concepts to a more understandable form related to everyday living.=(SORRY BECAUSE I GET THIS ONLY TO MY BOOKS TO HELP YOU SOME OF YOU)=

How entreprenuership improve the quality of life?

other form livelihood is entreprenuerial activities, for such life standard of standard of living will be change. out of this we can also develop our confidence toward interacting with people.

How did technology improve for cars?

it helped them so they don't hurt the environment