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in the outsiders? Well, they were friends. that is a type of relationship. Johnny is a friend of the curtis family

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Q: How was Johnny and Darry in a relationship?
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Why is darry upset with ponyboy?

Darry is upset with Ponyboy because he had accidently fell asleep with Johnny at the drive in. Ponyboy realized it was late and has to go home while he left Johnny there. Ponyboy had went home to Darry who was yelling at him because he was worried. Darry let it get the best of him so he hit Ponyboy. Ponyboy had never been hit before so he didn't know what to do, but run away with Johnny. After they run away Darry realizes he did wrong.

What is darry afraid of in the outsiders?

Darry's biggest fear is loosing his brothers Sodapop and Ponyboy.

Who visit Johnny and Darry in the hospital in the outsiders?

two=bit and ponyboy

What do you think the relationship between pony and darry will be like now?

i think darry and pony are getting closer because of what happened to pony and darry was so worried about him

What did ponyboy do after Darry slapped him?

Booked it (ran away quickly) to Johnny, who had been laying in the lot. He then tells him that they should run away, and Johnny without questioning agrees.

Why would Darry beat dally if he told Darry about what happened?

Darry has a habit of losing his temper. He would beat Dally because he helped Ponyboy and Johnny run from the police. Darry would be mad because Dally didn't tell Darry until after they were gone. Read on and it will help with this answer.

What is Darry wanted for in The Outsiders?

Darry is not wanted for anything but johnny is wanted for man slaughter and Dally has a police record a mile long so I think u confused Darry and Dally (aka Dallas)

How does ponyboy define family?

sodapop,johnny, twobit,dally,and darry

What are the names of all the greasers?

PonyBoy, Dally, Sodapop, Two-Bit Mathews, Johnny, Darry, Steve Randale

In the book the outsiders what happened when pony did not obey his curfew?

Darry his older brother, got mad and hit him

What is the relationship between Darry and sodapop?

they dont really talk

Why does Ponyboy cry in front of Johnny?

Ponyboy cries in front of Johnny because Darry slapped him, and Ponyboy has never been slapped.