How tall can people get?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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The tallest living person was 8'11. He had a problem with a gland in his brain telling him to stop growing. He died at the age of 25.

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Q: How tall can people get?
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Are Arabic people tall?

yes Arabic people are tall

Why are people tall?

Tall people are tall, because of their genetics. Ex: if your mom is tall and your dad is tall then you are most likely going to be tall, too. (:

Why are presidents so tall?

Presidents are so tall because people pay more attention to tall people.

Who started tall tales?

Tall people.

Why tall people are better than small people?

I'm sorry everyone who is tall but tall people are no better small people! I am tall myself but it is proven 10% of small people have been uninjured so that means small people have a better balance because of their weight

Why are people so tall?

People are tall because of their genetics. People will get their height from the genes of their parents and ancestors.

How tall was golioth from The Bible?

people say he was 12 feet tall but most people think that he was 10 feet tall. which i know.

Does tall people want to be short and short people wants to be tall?

It depends on the person because some people like being short and some peoplelike being tall.

Is there medicine for tall people?

it related about his/her jeen........ so we dont give medicine for tall people

How do people grow so tall?

people grow so tall because maybe its in their genes

Is tall people a better swimmer or short people?

Tall people are better swimmers because they have longer legs than short people do.

Do tall people get more girls than shorter people?

There is no exact information as to whether tall people get more girls than short people.