How strong is 325Mg-7.5Mg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Are you asking what is in the pill. How strong is it, is a comparability questioned. Compared to what. The drug is 325mg acetaminophen (regular strength Tylenol). The 7.5 mg is hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is in Vicoden at 5mg and 500mg.They make a 10mg hydrocodone and a 2.5mg. So compared to the doses made you are above the middle dose considered 5mg. Hydrocodone is considered to be 8 times stronger than codeine and codeine has a half life of 2.5 hours where your hydrocodone half life is 3.8 hours. It is the strongest pain medication without going to the Schedule II drugs that have the very potent opiates, such as morphine, Diluadid, Percocet, Oxycontin, Demerol, Methadone and so on. Hope this is what you were asking.

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Q: How strong is 325Mg-7.5Mg?
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