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I'm going t o say this with experience. I lived with my boyfriend of three years for two of those years and it was pure hell. True,we had good times,but the bad outweighed the good. Ok... God knew what he was doing when he created the arrangement of marriage. Living with a man that is not our husband is disaster.

If you don't follow God's arrangment,you block your blessings. For example: A couple who is not married,and is living together get into a really bad fight,financial bind,etc. VS a married couple who is having the same issues or similar. God loves us all,but his the married couple will receive His favor and reap benefits,because they are living in obedience.

My current boyfriend has begged for me to mmove in with him,and I told him that unless you marry me,we won't be moving in together,point blank. Hope this helps!

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Q: How soon should you move in with your boyfriend 48k?
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