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Q: How soon after an occupational exposure should the health care worker be tested?
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How soon after an occupational exposure should health care worker be tested?

It depends on the type of exposure and the standard testing guidelines in use at that time. Workers would be tested "as soon as possible" but within the standard testing guidelines. For example, the test for HIV-AIDS must give time for the virus to establish itself and the body to respond to the virus. So there is no immediate or rapid test. Scientists work to decrease the amount of time between exposure and test, but they can't create such a test if the pathogen needs time to develop and the body needs time to respond.

Does AIDS come immediately?

No. There is an incubation period. That is why you should get tested every 3 months for an entire year after suspected exposure. Really, it would not hurt to get tested immediately after the potential exposure as well in case you contracted it before then.

Can you marry if you were 11 months HIV tested negative?

It is advised that you get tested for HIV/AIDS 3 months after your last potential exposure. This means that when you get tested the test only covers you for dates up to three months before this date. So you should be fine if you have tested negative 11 months after a potential exposure.

Why should pregnant women be tested for HIV?

Pregnant women should be tested for HIV so that she will know her status and, if infected, will be able to make decisions that will protect both her health and the health of her child.

Hard hats are tested to withstand how many foot-pounds of impact?

Hard hats are tested to withstand 40 ft lbs of impact which is equivalent to a 2lb hammer falling 20ft. -Occupational Safety and Health by David L. Goetsch

How do you test artesian well water?

Any water you are consuming should be tested in a lab for biological purity. This is usually fairly inexpensive and protects your health.In any water you are consuming it should be tested in a lab for biological purity. This is usually fairly inexpensive and protects your health.

Should dogs be tested on?

No animal should ever be tested on

Should Olympic athletics be tested for drugs?

yes, they should be tested

When can you say in good health?

When you have tested your self and found out that you have no disease and infection in the body. Then you can you have a good health

You are 14 should you get tested?

if you are sexually active at 14 yrs. old then of course you should get tested for aids.=if it is okay with your partner then you both should get tested together.=

Are Hospital security staff tested for HIV?

Hospital security staff and other health care workers in the US are not tested for HIV during employee health exams. There is no reason that someone with HIV cannot work in health care.

Should you get tested for swine flu if you have chickenpox with fever and throat pain?

If you have chickenpox, you should stay home unless you have contacted your health care provider who specifically advised you to come into the office.

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