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My theory on it is at fourteen you are not capable of being a fit mother. And it's unfair to give that burden to your parents who will undoubtedly have to support you even though I'm sure you weren't raised to make a mistake such as this. There are thousands of people who want children and can't have them. Deal with you're mistakes, take responsibility for your actions, tell your parents, maintain a healthy pregnancy and put the baby up for adoption.


I'm 24 years old right now I was pregnant when I was 15 yrs. old. I kept my baby. The way I did it is I told the school counsler to tell call my parents to school and she told them. I now my daughter is 9 yrs. old. And she grew up w/o her dad. I had the help of my parents so you maybe lucky depending on your parents.


If I were you I would leave a note on the fridge door explaining everything and put your mobile number on it. Then be very late home from school and leave your phone on. If they ring, its way easier to talk things through on the phone. If not, stay at a trusty friend's house or a youth support ccentre. If you have the money, stay at a bed and breakfast. If they don't ring, the cildline can connect you, and you can talk over the phone with a counsoulor. That was my personal method of action. Luckily though I found I wasn;t pregnan. My parents still ring me every 5 secs when I'm out. Which isn't such a bad thing.


First things first. You need to find you if you are actually pregnant. Perhaps there is another adult (school counselor, relative, family friend, etc.) you can confide in. They can help you determine if you are indeed pregnant. If not, call Planned Parenthood they have excellent counselors, and will be a great help to you. IMO, if possible you should have a serious discussion with your parents, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.


I would call a pregnancy support hotline, I belive they can administer a pregnancy test for free. They also have more options than you may think. Don't feel like you're alone. Your parents may be upset, but they still love you no matter what choice you may have made. Be strong, gather your courage and talk to them. If you can't depend on your family who can you depend on? Take care and I hope all goes well for you. I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, and I do not regret raising him as my own (long story). If you need to talk email me.


I am the same age as you are, and I thought I was pregnant a few monthes ago. The first person I went to was not the dad of the baby, but my mom. She is my best friend, and I do not want to hurt her. She had told me that I could go to her for anything, so I did. She wasn't mad, she was disappointed in not only me but herself. We got the test. It turns out i am pregnant. The dad already said he doesn't think its his (even though it is) and he wants custody if it is. The thing I found out is that he does drugs, and I don't like that. Plus he hit me when I told him, so all in all, I know he wont be a fit parent. I told my mom. She said she agrees and the two of us will raise the baby. So just think about how she deserves to know, and she can help. Maybe your not, so don't worry.


Maybe the best way to tell your parents the news would be to find someone who you trust and can depend on to tell them. This way they have time to cool off and think about things before you come face to face with them. I hope this might help you to decide. But please however you tell them, just remember that the sooner you tell them, the better.


Find someone you trust to help you through it and then in everyway I can put it you just need to plainly come out and tell them. Some may cry, some may scream, some may be angry, disappointed, happy, sad, whatever but you have to tell them. If the boyfriend is gone you can alwasy get child support but if you have your parents behind you it should be all right.


Honey, if your boyfriend could not even support you through something this important in his life, not just yours, then he isn't worth the breath you use to say his name. Now, 14 is so young and it is a shame that your life is now shared with something important. But life is not about the things that happen, but how you deal with them. You now have a chance to be the best mother and give you child the freedoms may now have to give up for it. You can give up and make your baby sacrifice its freedoms for you.

My dad always tells me, if you want to know what lies in the road ahead, ask someone traveling in the opposite direction. Your mum and dad have raised children and will know most of your options that you have, but although they are a source of advice make your own decision. You know deep down what the right thing is to do. do it and have faith.


I am 17 years old and I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. I was really scared to tell my mom that I was pregnant in the first place let alone to tell her that my boyfriend had left me. When I found out that I was pregnant I was 2 1/2 months along. I was really scared. I knew that he wasnt there. When I told him he blew it off like it didnt matter. He had a new girlfriend and a new life. All I could do was let him go. It hurt really bad. I had to push him out of my mind. I had to forget about him. It was hard but I had to remember not to stress my baby out because I wanted to keep my baby. So I waited it out and we just got back together. I am scared that it could happen again. Even if it doesnt he left one time and that was all it took. Whether they come back or not just remember that you can do it on your own. It is possible. It is just the emotion of them being there that you want. It is hard but you can do it. When I told my mom and dad they reacted totally different then I thought that they would. I thought that my mom and dad would cry and yell and cry some more because I had dissapointed them. They didnt do that at all. They told me that everything would be okay. So don't wait to tell them you might be surprised how they act. Congratulations and best wishes in your future.


I was pregnant at 17 and a few months prior to 18. First, you need to have your mind made up of what you want to do. Second, there is not going to be an easy way but you can let them know that you understand this is an adult decision and you will now be a mother. Third, ask them for emotional support it really means a lot. If they can help out financially that's great but some parents want to see what you can bring to the table. Good luck. My parents took it pretty hard and were very upset.


I am not and have not been pregnant at any time yet (I'm 12) but I hope your baby turns out o.k., and if you have to tell your parents, tell your mom by sitting her down and telling her. Tell her you know it was a stupid mistake and you'll get a job to support the baby (if you're keeping her) and that you'll pay some medical bills. I don't know what else, but good luck!


I was 15 when i got pregnant and my boyfriend didnt stay around. and the way i told my parents was i told my dad 1st because he's always the calm parent then i told my mom with my dad there of course lol. I'm still in high school and my baby is 2 years old so im 17, and while im in school because my mom is retired she watches my lil girl. And when i told my mom she wasnt very happy she called me stupid and shes couldn't believe i turned out to be a wh*re but she was angry and you have to remember that they have a right to b so let that go over you head all the insults.


like many of the people on here, i am also 15 and may be pregnant. i have every intention of telling my dad once i find out if i truly am or not. you should never be scared of your parents. yeah sometime they get mad at you but you have to relize they never stay mad for long and in the end they always seem to be there for you. all they want to to make sure you have a good life. so if you are you should deffinatly tell your parent asap so that you can get the attention you need. because now if just not you you have to think about its also your baby. i wish you luck with everything and i hope you and your baby turn out okkay

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Q: How should you tell your parents you are pregnant if you are 14 and want to keep the baby but your boyfriend left when he found out?
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