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well first of all dont lie but start off making it half obvious and say u csnt remember wut year he wuz born or ask him and then if he asks u tell him da truth or jus say it

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Q: How should you let your boyfriend know that you lied about your age?
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How do you tell your boyfriend that you lied about your age?

Be straightforward. Just sit him down & explain that you lied about your age, tell him how old you really are, & explain why you felt the need to lie to him.

My daughter's boyfriend lied about his age and having a license.He drove my car that she uses. The boyfriend got pulled over for speeding and my car was impounded.Can I file for theft?

Yes, you can. Since he lied about his age. Not to mention that he used your car, also the car your daughter uses, without permission. Yeah- you SHOULD file for theft.

How can you tell you boyfriend that you lied about your age while letting him know how sorry you are?

dont build any relations on hidden stuffs. clear it out and if he understands its good else there is someone else...

If you lied to the bank about your age would the bank know?

Yes, your SS# will be run and your age should be checked. Financial institutions have been more strict since the Patriot Act took effect.

How can you tell your boyfriend you lied about your age and that it wasn't to be malicious?

oh gosh i know how you feel i did the same thing. its depending on the situation you can either lie your way out of it and say no i told u i was whatever age or you can just be honest because whats the worst he can do and if it has to do with relationship wise just tell him its because i really like you and age is just a number and it should stop the way you feel about eachother(: i hope i helped xoxo

Should you have a boyfriend at age ten?

Yes but you have to hide him from your parents because i have one and my parents dont know about it. Im already in a relationship.

What can you do with your boyfriend?

Only you know what you want to do with your boyfriend. It also depends what age you are. If you are under sixteen then maybe just snogging and a bit of touching should be enough at that age. Of coarse when you are older you can have a lot more fun with your boyfriend like sex, but only when your ready don't let anyone push you!

What is the legal age for a boyfriend?

It should be eighteen years of age. There is no legal age for dating or having a boyfriend/girlfiend in any country in the west.

What should you do if you want a boyfriend at the age of 14 which you do not believe is correct but cannot help it?

Probably a lot of things that you definitely should not do. No one at the age of 14 needs a boyfriend and you can help it.

If 19 year old guy was lied to buy 16 year old guy about her age?

What state? You are lucky she isn't any younger. You might be fine It makes very little difference whether or not she lied. The 19 year old is the adult and should know better.

How old should you be to play mySims3?

12 years old or any other age :) the other guy lied

It is ok to not have a boyfriend at age 13 because i kinda like this dude and he kinda likes me and everyone esle my age had a boyfriend i just don't know?

It's fine to not have a boyfriend at any age, don't worry, you're still young.