How should you fantasise?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You should honestly fantasise of something you desire or something you have passion about and or for. You actually fantasise how you want to. You do what the brain is stessing about also. You can fantasise negatively or possitively,but you control it.

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Q: How should you fantasise?
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What is another word for fantasise?

What is another wired fir fantasise

Is it ok to fantasise about your cousin?

Well u can but its not right to fantasise about realitives

Is it normal to fantasise of a woman who's older than you?

My god, yes!

Is it wrong to fantasise about girls 4 years younger?

Yes it is. Seek professional help.

What would a man think about having a beautiful female friend?

Honestly he would probably fantasise about you...

Is it ok to fantasise about you gitls and wanting to finger a 12 year old girl?

Fantasy is not a crime

Is it wrong to fantasise about your girlfriends twin sister?

no, its not even wrong to sleep with her, just say you thought it was your girlfriend

What does giant cucumber mean?

Usually kids by the age of 12-15 who fantasise over abnormally large penis's.

I'm 15 and is it gay to fantasise about a friend or another guy naked?

No, I do it all the time with my Girlfriend unless you're dude and you're thinking about it with another guy.

Is it normal or right for a 14 year old male to fantasise about girls from school sexually?

yes its perfectly normal, its just a result of hormonres and is nothing to be worried about

What does it mean when a boy won't talk to a girl but talks talks around them?

He may be unsure of himself, or afraid of possible rejection. Maybe he just likes to fantasise about her.

Is fantasy a verb?

No, "fantasy" is not a verb. It is a noun that refers to imagining or creating something in the mind that is not based on reality.