How should you act surprised?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Let's say you walk in a room for a suprise party, and you know about it. So when u walk in open your mouth so it looks like you are going to laugh, laugh a little bit then say something natural like, whoa! If it something sad like someone's death, put on a sad face, shrug your shoulders a little bit, and look off into nowhere while bitting your face. Hope that helps!

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Q: How should you act surprised?
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What should you do if you just found out your Christmas present?

Shut up about it and act surprised on Christmas day? :]

How do you act when you know what you got for Christmas?

Surprised, happy, and appreciative

What to do when you find your Christmas presents?

act surprised on Christmas or your birthday

How much are acting lessons?

if i tell you... you have to promise to act surprised!

What does feigning surprise mean?

To feign surprise is to act surprised when in fact you are not surprised. An example of this would be receiving a present of which you already knew what it would be - but pretending to be surprised so as not to upset the person who gave you the present.

What do people act like when they get a shot?

They are surprised by the instant pain it causes. It is very natural. Believe me.

What should you expect at my first gynecologist's appointment?

to be surprised, and embarrased

What usually happends when you tell a boy that you love them?

They would either act surprised, scared or probably make fun of you.

What evidence is there that the US should not have been so surprised?

Obama won.

Does another woman's hair in my husband's dirty clothes mean he is cheating?

Depends where he says it came from.... Did he act surprised when you confronted him about it?

Where to find completed math worksheets?

Well you can complete your math worksheet, hide it under your bed, then find it and act very surprised.

What is correct. you surprised me or you surprised me?

You surprised me with the R is correct.