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A boyfriend should behave exactly the way it's spelled: Boy Friend Boy's are tops. Get one who is a friend and you'll be happy. PS it's even better if he aspires to being, one day, a MAN. With the utmost respect and manners for you and treat you like a lady. No foul language and total consideration for your feelings and compassion for your likes and dislikes and be a good listener and supporter. By the way that is the same way a girlfriend should act, too.......

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a boyfriend should respect you. he shouldn just want to get into your pants, kiss you and touch you. But of course hes probly going to want to, but not always!!! if your boyfriend cares about you, he will act nice, and respect your decisions. and if he dosent, talk to him about it, and if he still dosent respect you how you want to be respected, then hes probly not the right guy for you. though i havent had a real boy friend boyfriend yet, i know how to respect myself, and where to draw the line just like you should when you have a real relationship

hoped this helped ya :]

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A boyfriend should be a loving, warm version of a best friend that you are physically attracted to.

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This is silly! In a relationship, girls just need to relax and be themselves. If you're acting like someone your not, your relationship is just composed of lies.

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Q: How should a boyfriend behave?
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