How serious is leaky valve?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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depends on the valve

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Q: How serious is leaky valve?
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What can cause your mirage to burn oil?

high miles, thin oil, bad valve guides, worn piston rings, leaky head gasket, and/ or a leaky PCV valve.

What are the signs of a valve cover leak?

the signs of a valve cover leak are oil on the engine oil is the only thing that can leak from a leaky valve cover

If you have a leaky heart valve should you avoid going on roller coasters?


How do you repair leaky valve guides?

This is a machine shop procedure which the head has to come off to accomplish.

What is a leaky valve that allows backflow of blood?

A leaky valve that allows backflow of blood is commonly known as a valve insufficiency or incompetence. This condition can lead to issues like regurgitation, where blood flows backward through the valve when it should be moving forward. Treatment may involve medication or surgery, depending on the severity.

Can a leaky check valve on a well pump line cause low water pressure?

No. Low pressure is a function of the well tank. Your pressure tank must have an adequate air pressure to maintain water pressure. A leaky check valve is not good news however, and will cause your pump to run excessively. This valve should be replaced ASAP.

What would cause oil to blow out the tailpipe?

Excess fuel causes black smoke.

How do I fix a leaky faucet valve caused by a not tight enough screw?

I need to perform a faucet repair. How do I stop a leak that is caused by the screw not being tight enough on the valve?

Is there a cure for a swollen left ventricle?

Left Ventricle swelling is a symptom of your heart working too hard. I have a leaky valve that is causing my ventricle to swell. With a valve replacement it will go down.

Montero sport burning smell?

Possibly a leaky valve cover gasket allowing oil to seep out and down on to exhaust manifold.

If a leaky Schrader Valve has subsequently led to corrosion and leaking in the Evaporator Core in a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe could the lines or compressor also be corroded and eventually leak too?

A leaky schrader valve cannot corrode evaporator core. You're probably getting corrosion on the outside of evaporator from debris when the blower blows on it

Mitral valve prolapse is a disorder of the heart in which the mitral valve?

The valve becomes thickened and doesn't work correctly. I have heard it called floppy valve. It doesn't close tightly as it should and it can be "leaky". Some blood flows backwards. This can be heard as a "murmur". It also can be seen on an ultra-sound.