How people become paralyzed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Usually due to a traumatic spinal injury. Spinal injuries can damage the spinal cord (the bit that is usually protected by being encased in the vertebrae of the spine), which means that nerve impulses become unable to flow. This can result in loss of sensation, and paralysis. However muscle wasting diseases can also cause paralysis (but not usually loss of sensation).

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Q: How people become paralyzed?
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How people become paralyzed what part of the nervous system is not working when paralyzed?

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He did tests on people that left them dead/paralyzed.

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How can people walk with paralyzed legs?

One possibility is to use an exoskeleton. An exoskeleton are like robotic legs that can be worn to allow paralyzed people to walk. In 2010 3 companies are launching exoskeletons for paralyzed people. Read more below.

Do people at a young age who become paralyzed at a young age still grow physically?

AnswerNo! They do not grow because their bodies need to move to grow.

What happens when you fall on your neck?

you could break your neck, become paralyzed, and/or die.

Do people get paralyzed when they play video games?


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Yes they just can't move some part of their body.

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