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Q: How old was justinbiebers second girlfriend?
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Is Selena Gomez justinbiebers girlfriend?

she was but now is not

Is justinbiebers girlfriend named maddi?

no its caitlin'

Who was justinBiebers first girlfriend?

Caitlin Jones Savannah bosworth Caitlin gatt Lucy stackman

What is justinBiebers fav color?

its purpul

What is JustinBiebers phonenumber?

915 782 2023

What is justinbiebers super fans called?


What is justinbiebers most popular song?


What does Justin Biebers girlfriend kelsey horton look like?

ugly i do not think she is pretty i have seen her in person ugly <3kelsylove awlays 2 fan:) well im not justinBiebers girlfriend, so stop thinking that.:) oh blondeHair,blueEyes, the usual :) lmfao.

When does JustinBiebers album come out?

My World 2.0 comes out on March 23rd

When does JustinBiebers new CD new world2 come out?

March 23, 2010 (;

What is justinbiebers cell phone number?

none of your bussiness stop trying to stalk him gosh

Who is Paul Salas second girlfriend?

paul salas second girlfriend is janelle dorothy belono-ac here is a picture of her: