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Q: How old was colin powell when he became secretary of state?
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What boards of directors does Colin Powell sit on?

secretary of state

Who is the first black us secretary of state?

Colin Powell

Who did Condoleezza Rice replace as secretary of state?

Colin Powell

Is Colin Powell African American?

Colin Powell is african-american and the 65th secretary of state put in the position of preceding.

What madal did Colin Powell win for bravery?

Colin Powell received the Soldier's Medal for bravery for his efforts in the Vietnam war. Colin Powell was the Secretary of the State from 2001 to 2005.

When did colin Powell became the secretary of state?

Jan 20th 2001 - Jan 26th 2005 after which Condaleezza Rice took over.

Is Colin Powell alive or dead?

Colin Powell , the former US Secretary of State , was born April 5, 1937 and is still alive .

What is a major republican figure?

General, and former Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

What is colin Powell?

Colin Powell is a former Secretary of State for the United States. He is also a former 4 star general with the United States Army.

Which person served as the US Secretary of State from 2001 until 2005?

Colin Powell

Who was the first african american to serve as the united states secretary of the state?

Colin Powell

What is colin Powell biggest accomplishments?

Colin Powell's biggest accomplishment is the obtainment of the position of the United States Secretary of State, or arguably the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.