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60 something

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Q: How old should you be before you retire?
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Should old people retire?

it depends on which jobif a doctor, yes, if a mail person, no.

Why did gold burg retire?

he was old and so he wanted to retire

What should I know about IRAs before I retire?

You want to make sure you are not investing in any risky venture that may wipe out your money before you retire. Also make sure you know the age when you can take it out so there is no penalty to be paid out.

When do florists retire?

Most floral designers burn out before they "retire".

Should you retire a loan towards the end of its term or much before it?

Unless there is a tax benefit that you want/need, you should retire a loan as soon as possible. I am assuming that there is no prepayment penalty, which may impact your decision. It is costing you money (in interest) while you have the loan.

When sims get old in sims 2 do they retire?

yes if they have a job and you retire you also get a pension.

How old does a dog have to be to retire from the Iditarod?

45 years old

How old should a rat be before she can have babies?

4 months old

How old should a rabbit be before breeding?

about one year old

Why doesn't webkinz tell us they will retire a game on the newspaper before they retire them?

nobody knows

Is it time for Manny Pacquio to retire?

maybe in a few years he should retire

Why shaq did shaq retire?

he was 39 years old and was getting hurt to much to actually play. i think he should have retired earlier.