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Go and see a qualified doctor about it

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Q: How often should you use peroxide to clean a sore?
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Can hydrogen peroxide be used for a sore throat?

No because lots of reasons

Is peroxide on a sore a chemical change?

When peroxide comes into contact with a sore, it can cause a chemical reaction by breaking down into water and oxygen molecules. This reaction helps to kill bacteria and clean the wound, aiding in the healing process. So, peroxide on a sore can be considered a chemical change.

Will amoxcyclin help you for a sore throat and how much and often should you take it?

No - generally. Sore throats are normally Virus based, which antibiotics do not cure.

How do you reduce the size of a cold sore?

At first sign or feel of it put peroxide on it.....then leave it alone!

Is peroxide good for sore throat?

No, peroxide is dangerous to your health and has no beneficial effect whatsoever. If anything, it will damage your throat more, possibly giving it permanent chemical scarring.

Go swimming with poison oak sore?

If you are swimming in clean, chlorinated water this would be safe. If the water is not very clean, then there is a risk of exposing your sore to an infection. Personally, I would wait for the sore to heal.

Can you get worm lookin bugs festering froman open sore from injecting drugs iv?

No, you cannot get worm looking bugs festering an open sore from injecting drugs intervenously. The reason why the user seems to think that he/she has bugs crawling under the skin is caused by delusions of being infested with parasites caused by the IV drugs. Injecting yourself with drugs can cause hallucinations. But you need to keep the open sore clean, so that the sore doesn't become infected. Hydrogen peroxide is a good disinfectant.

How do you take care of a soar on your dogs face?

To take care of a wound or 'sore' on animal, a person would need items to clean it off. It would be best to clean the area with peroxide, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, do this on a daily basis and try to keep it dry. If it is infected, and swollen it would be best to seek a professional's help.

Is getting a tattoo done sore?

if their needles aren't clean it will.

What if your Dalmatian has sore dew claw How do you treat it?

clean it out and wrap it with goss

Does canker sore cause dry mouth?

no, canker sores have an unknown cause. maybe vitamin/nutrient deficiency, allergy to a certain food, virus or bacteria, poor immune system, emotional upheavel, stress, etc. clean with hydrogen peroxide and water then coat with milk of magnesia.

Will para oxide help a cold sore?

Hydrogen peroxide is damaging to newly developing skin, and is likely to delay healing of cold sores.