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Well, someone like Matthew Hollis would go about 2-3 times a day - once before brekfast, once afterwards and once afterschool (never at school).

however really weird people go about 6-8 times a day. Waly.
about three to four times, if more.. go see a doctor.

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This depends on a number of things, including how much fluids you consume (in both food and beverages), salt intake, medications, exercise, sweating, etc. Medical conditions, such as bladder infections, high blood pressure, and pregnancy, also affect this.

Since there are so many things to take into consideration, there is no way to say how often you should pee in a day.

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Q: How often should you pee in one day?
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How often should a 6 year old pee?

a 6 year old should pee around three times a day

" how much should i pee everyday"?

you should pee atleast 3 times a day

How often should you use the restroom a day?

poop 2 times a day, and pee 4 times a day, and fart 14-15 times a day IS NORMAL BELIEVE IT OR NOT

How often should a six month baby pee?

depends how much milk it gets average is 10-13 times a day

How often should a normal healthy person urinate --- pee--- in a day?

You should take in atleast 2000-2500 ml of water a day to maintain healthy fluid balance in the body. You normally urinate about 1500 ml of that.

How often do people pee their pants worldwide?

at least 20 million people pee there pants every second of the day..... oops i just peed

How often should an 18 month baby pee?

It all depends on the babies genes, height, and weight. So look at those factors and see !

Why do dogs sometimes only pee outside only once a day?

If your dog sometimes only pees once a day is they might not have been drinking water that often.

Does sharky go pee-pee on dog?

do you love me or should i go pee-pee on you, Joerty Hertyolpe

Is it bad to go poo 3 times in one day?

try and eat it and drink your pee

What should one do when a child has pee on her pants?

If your child is one to get pee on his/her pants you should remove their clothes immediately. Make sure you have extra clothes, diapers, and/or training pants. If you are concerned about your son/daughter peeing on themselves seek advise from a Dr.

How much urine can be voided at one time?

The average person will pee 6 to 8 ounces at one time. However if you only pee 4 ounces or pee 12 ounces, that is still normal.