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any time is good but if Ur trying not to wear too much all the time have Ur nails done...

* when Ur on a date or for gno

* after u go camping

* when u fell like u need it

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About 2-4 times a month

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it doent matter

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Q: How often should you clip your nails?
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How often do you need to clip your guineas nails?

about every month or every other month.

Do tigers clip their nails?

no tiger do not clip their own nails but if they are captured, they might be taken by a human to get their nails cut by a vet.

How do you make your nails longer?

Don't clip your nails

Do hippies clip there nails?


What do you use to clip a guinea pigs nails?

a nail clipper

How short should I cut my dogs nails?

You should clip your dogs nails only a little bit at a time. There is something called a "quick" in dog's nails. If you cut into the quick then the nail will start to bleed and it will have hurt the dog, to a point to that they dog won't let you clip their nails anymore. If you clip the nails a little bit say once a week, the quick will start to recede, making it safer to clip your dogs nails without hurting them.

How do you clip your nails and eat chicken at the same time?

You stop time while clipping your nails and eating chicken. :)

How often do you clip a parikeets nails?

When they need them, watch the nail. If you look at them you will see the nail curves, you don't want to cut past that curve because their is a quick and it will bleed

How do you clip your nails without a nail clipper?

Sissors or a Nail file

How do you stop a hamsters nails growing?

You can't stop their nail growth, but if you noticed that they are getting curled up you should go to a vet so they can clip them.

How do you put your bunny in a trance so you can clip he nails?

well, my rabbit falls asleep if you hold her in your arms (belly up) and she falls asleep quick, that's how i clip her nails, i let her fall asleep. this could take a period of 2 min. to hlf and hr or more to fully have the bunny cozy enough to clip their nails. try this with your bunny.

How do you clip a baby's nails?

Video: How do you clip a baby's nails?Clipping Baby NailsClipping baby nails is similar to clipping an adult's, except that you should gently apply pressure to the end of the finger to pull the tip back from the nail a bit to avoid accidentally cutting the finger. Keep a firm hold on the baby's hand and cut fingernails along the curve of the finger. Toenails should be cut straight across. Use an emery board to smooth out rough edges. The best time to clip your baby's nails is when your baby is asleep to avoid the baby wiggling and perhaps causing you to cut a finger. Be sure to have ample light and use a pair of clippers or scissors made especially for the purpose of trimming baby nails.