How often is someone bullied?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People are bullied every day sometimes at night. More times at school.

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Q: How often is someone bullied?
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Related questions

Should you bully someone who bullied you?

never bully someone that bullied you because you know how it feels.

What will happen if someone bullied someone way smaller then them?

Nothing will happen unless the person bullied or someone else tells someone in authority, e.g. a teacher, parent or supervisor, or unless the person bullied challenges the bully.

What could you do if you where the friend of someone being bullied?

if your being bullied you should face it andget a life

What can be done for the bullied?

go tell someone

What is the statistic for how many students get bullied by their friends?

i dont think someone would be there friend if they got bullied by them!!

How can you support someone who is being bullied?

stand up for them or tell someone that can help.

Did Jerry Spinelli bullied someone?

no he was nice to everyone

What can be done for the bullied after the bullying?

Tell someone or teacher

Why do Sikhs get bullied?

People who are "different" to others around them are often bullied. This can happen to people who have different beliefs, different height's, weights, appearance's. Christians in a, lets say for an example, an all Sikh area may get treated differently because people see them as different to what they know. Sikhs are just one group of many people who get bullied. Bulling is wrong, if you are being bullied then tell someone you trust.

How do you stop cyberbullying?

If you or someone you know is being cyber bullied, you should report it to your family, administrators, and the website on which they are being bullied.

Why do you have bullies?

because they have often been bullied themselves by their parents

What happens if a girl gets bullied by boys?

they tell someone.