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A woman's menstrual cycle averages around 28 days. Not every woman has a 28-day cycle though and not every woman's cycle can be counted exactly the same every month. Some women may only have a 20- or 25-day cycle while others may have 30- or 35- or even 40-day cycles. It depends on the woman's body.

The actual length of time that a woman menstruates (or has her period) is typically around 5 days...although, again, it depends on the woman. Each month may be different with some really heavy months or some really light months.

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The average menstrual cycle is 28 days long - that's menstruation occuring on day 1, and counting up until the next period - but everyone is different and some variation is normal. Irregular cycles are also completely normal in your teens so you may see longer or shorter cycles during this time.

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About every 28 or 30 days. Some females have longer cycles.

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Q: How often does your period supposed to come?
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Why does your period come on days after the time it's supposed to come on?

it might b irregualr still...

Is there a way to stop your period a day before I'm supposed to come off?

No, there is no way to stop your period a day before you are supposed to come off. The myth that douching works is nothing more than that, and is actually quite dangerous.

How often will your period come every day?


If you have protected sex the day before are supposed to have your period and your period does not come can it be a sign for a late period or pregnancy if so what are the chances?

Usually, that close to a period sex will cause a delay in the period for a day or two.

What if your period was supposed to come on the 16th and it hasn't come yet?

It most likely will come. Periods don't have clocks attached and many things can cause a period to be late several days. If you have been sick or under stress this can cause a late period. It will happen.

What if your period comes 12 days after it's supposed to?

its normal.ur period may take a couple days to come only if you exercise and eat properly

If you get pregnant two weeks before you are supposed to get your period will your period still come?

You will. I read in a book that if you get pregnancy during your period, it will keep on going, so I think its the same thing.

If you have protected sex the day before you are supposed to have your period and you miss your period can that be sign for pregnancy?

Not really. Often your period can be delayed a day or so by sex. If you haven't had a period in several weeks take a test.

How often do womens period come on?

Generally every 28 to 30 days.

What does it mean when you start your period and your not supposed to start yet?

Sometimes It means because your stressed so much, your periods don't come.

How can you make your period come more often?

You cannot make your period come more often. If it did that would be abnormal and you would probably want to seek medical attention. I would think one week out of the month should be enough.

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