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That depends very mich upon how disrespectful they are, how monogimous they are, and how many times they take part in spiritually detrimental media. Everytime they see a hot chick, instantly. It is irresistable not to think how pleausable it would be to hit the sack with a girl. It happens a lot more than we think it does cuz no one is going to admit it very openly in fear that they will be looked at as a perv. == Answer== A study showed that on average men think about sex every 5 seconds. For a lot of men, anytime there is a lull in their thinking. They need it to brighten up the day. So, if men get bored, even if it's every 10 minutes, they will think about sex. This might be an exargeration, but it does help pass the time. And, also, it depends on who's in the vicinity. If it's at a ball game, it's quite often. Then, if they are reading something good, there might be a while before sex comes up. But it will come up, sooner than you think.

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Q: How often do men think about sex?
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