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There is a popular belief you have to drink a certain amount of water. That is not true, you should drink when you feel like it.

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Q: How much water do experts say people should drink everyday?
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Why is there no access to fresh water?

There is. People drink it everyday.

Do people drink water everyday?

Yes, and if they don't, they should get an IV asap! ( I'm not really sure about the last part )

How many litter of water you drink everyday?

I drink like 1L. But you should drink like 3L per day.

How much vitamin c should you have everyday?

drink a glass of OJ

How much milk should you drink everyday?

How much milk you should drink daily depends on your sex and age. It is recommended you drink 3 to 5 glasses a day.

What is something that people do over and over everyday?

Eat,drink and love.

Are there harmful effects of drinking chrysanthemum tea everyday?

no, you should drink it everyday it is good for your health and will make you live longer

How much water should you drink in a day when its really hot?

we shoud drink atleast 5-7 ltrs everyday.

Why should you drink 6 glasses of water everyday?

to keep your body hydrated and healthy :)

How much water should a boy have everyday?

I would say drink about as much as you fell is needed.

Did the native people drink a lot of milk?

Yes actually they drank a ton of milk everyday

How much water should I drink everyday?

You should drink enough water in order to stay hydrated so you will not faint or face any discomforts. I suggest you to drink atleast 1 gallon of water per day.