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The voltage needed to kill a human being is 10,000,000,000 volts.

Ok im not the one who answerd this question i have a question of my on...

you say its about 10,000,000,000 but how fast could that kill you and another question

How fast could 2million volts kill you if it could kill you? please answer back

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a lot.

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Q: How much voltage is needed to kill a human?
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How much panadol bills is needed to kill a human?

I don't think that's a good question.

Why is 30 milli ampere deadlier than 30 ampere?

What I think atleast. 30 milli ampere is the amount of ampere there's needed to kill a human being, or atleast close to. But you also need a x amount of Voltage. The higher voltage = the lower ampere, and the other way around. But then again it all depends on how much voltage you have. So you can't really say that 30 milli ampere is deadlier than 30 ampere. Because if you have 700 voltage and 30 ampere. Then that will do the same thing to you as 70 voltage and 30 milli ampere would do; most likely kill you. 49 voltage is the amount of voltage there's required to kill a human, with 30 milli ampere. If you have less than 49 voltage, you won't die, it will hurt of course. The reason for this, is that the voltage is what 'carries' the ampere around. The ampere is what strikes, and the voltage is the carrier. Hope this helped a bit.

How much voltage is needed for a door bell to work?


How much voltage is needed to produce a current of 2 ampsthrough a resistance of 6 ohms?

12 voltage

How much voltage dose it take to kill an average person?

It's not the voltage that kills - it's the amperes. A few millivolts can kill if the amps are high enough.

How much drinking mercury can kill a human?

unuf to kill you

How many amps in 40 kva?

To answer this question the voltage of the generator is needed. I = W/E. I = 40000/Volts

How much dose it take for a human to feel voltage?

3,000 volts

How much is human cell voltage?

.7 volts

How soon can a poison kill a dog?

how much antifreeze is needed to kill a dog

How much amphere hour will be needed to start a 9.5 kw motor?

Not enough information the voltage is needed also.

How much amperage is drawn by a kiloWatt motor?

To answer this question the motor voltage is needed.