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7.7 hours I think

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Q: How much time do adults spend at work?
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How much time do adults spend in work?

8 to 9 hrs per day, or more.

Do you spend too much time at work?

In a simple answer No we do not spend too much time at work. We spend more time on social and sporting commitments. and some people like to work so it isn't to much in their mind so what i am trying to say we do not spend to much time at work, and if you want my opinion we should spend more :) The magical magnificent ...........

Do kids have more fun than adults?

yea probably... adults have to work and make dinner, breakfast, or lunch for their kids But sometimes adults spend more time with fun with their kids Hope this answer helps :p

How do you spend more time with your dad when you go to his house in the weekends?

when u go to his house on the weekends try to spend as much time as u can with him (even if he has to go to work, beg him so u can go too to spend time with him)

How do vets spend their time during work?

vets spend their time treating animals

How much time should you spend on the media?

depends but once on your work schedule but atleast 1 hour a day

How much do you need to make an hour to make 52000 a year?

52000/hour if you only wish to work for 1 hour. It really depends on how much time youll spend at work.

How much did Victorian adults earn at work?

about 3 shillings

What to do when the person you like works to much?

Ask them why they work so much....tell them you don't like how much they work; that you want to spend more time with them. Tell them the advantages of spending more time with you. Maybe he just works for the money because he really needs it.

How does a typical Russian spend their free time during the day?

russians spend their time by doing work around the house.

What are David Archuleta's spare time?

In David's spare time (which he doesn't get much of) he likes to spend time with his family, play Guitar Hero, listen to music, and run/work out.

Does singers work with adults or children more?

It actually works more with children because we are much cuiter then adults!